Saturday, 4 July 2009


昨晚 不知哪来的勇气
答应了朋友下 我打了给你
那句好朋友 我不知该开心吗
分开后第一次 踏进这里
向你开了个玩笑 幸好你没来
我没喝什么酒 没有醉意
3点开灯了,播着mariah carey的byebye
and u never got a chance to see how good i am
and u never got to see me back to number one
i wish that u will here to celebrate together
i wish that we could spend the holidays together
i remember when you used to tuck me in the night
with the teddy bear you gave me that i held so tight
i thought you were so strong you'd make it through whatever
its so hard to accept the fact you are gone forever
i never knew i could hurt like this
and everyday life goes on like
i wish i could talk to you for awhile
miss you but i try not to cry
as time goes by
到这里我忍不住了 哭了

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